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"Viola va" is a musical comedy written by Sergio Taddei, Mario Maneri and Eugenio Petrizzelli, the music is by Sergio Taddei and Mario Maneri.

Cheerful and entertaining music, for adults and children.


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Viola va Mario Maneri

VIOLA VA is the story of a child who, as a result of the loss of both parents, loses her word.
The little girl is a guest of a family home held by Don Umberto who, to console her, decides to tell her a story. And here Viola finds herself in the fantastic reign of King Leonardo (an atypical and playful king who will be his grandfather) and his uncle, Prince Charles.
He will live his adventure together with his inseparable friend Beccolibero in a wonderful castle, not far from the village Ponte al Prato, immersed in an enchanting nature and near a lake where important meetings will develop for each other.
In the castle also lives the terrible Aunt Clotilde, all dressed in black, which plot in secret to usurp the kingdom that King Leonardo wants to entrust a Viola.
A boy named Teddy lives far from the kingdom who, because of a flood, has lost everything: his country, his things, everything but his violin. The terrible event, however, makes that Teddy will meet and save Girella, a squirrel chatter and dancer who will become his inseparable friend and with whom the world is happening playing and dancing. On one of their journeys into the reign of King Leonardo and Viola, attracted one day by the sound of the violin, he will rediscover his voice in the meeting with Teddy and Girella.
In the village of Ponte al Prato we talk about viola and meet new friends: Cecio, and then Fiore, a simple and delicate girl, who lives however with a company of rough comedians who run from town to town with their show.
Even Teddy will meet Fiore between the two young men will be born love.
King Leonardo, now an old man, is ill and dying and Aunt Clotilde, with the help of notary Tebaldo and her boyfriend Ariosto, takes advantage of it to try to implement his obscure design and take possession of the kingdom. The plan is to steal and burn the testament of thinking to put the blame on Teddy and Fiore, with a twist, the attempt fails!
 The kingdom is safe and everyone is partying, Clotilde will end up in custody of the crude company and Viola declares she wants to renounce the kingdom for something that has a greater value: to live together as a family.



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