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"Cose nuove, cose antiche - Il sogno di Opeliu"

A musical work by Mario Maneri - italian rock

"Opeliu is a sailor in a forest.
He is uneasy because he feels that the place in which he lives is not what he is destined for. In his mind then it takes shape a project: to build a boat to reach the sea.
The forest, however, has its inhabitants, who try to dissuade Opeliu from his intent and try to hinder him in every way, telling him that his dream is a mirage and can never be realized. Opeliu however, despite everything, does not desist and with the help of Tulit continues to build his boat ... "


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Opeliu Mario Maneri

Music with a direction

Reducing man to an animal has not brought us any luck.
If man is an animal, only a little more developed than others, ethics are no longer necessary, to instinct suffices.
But where ethics ends, profit and utilitarianism begins, and infact we live in a society formed according to this principle.
If we think that man is only a set of cells, more or less sophisticated, and we think that we come from nowhere and in vain we will end our life will be a parable contained in this horizon ... catch the fruit!
It is the goal that orients the path and if nothing is our destination, the life we ​​will live will be its logical consequence.
It is the fact that we no longer know who the Man is that led us here, and the crisis we are experiencing today is essentially ethical.
No-where we are today we sang it many years ago, beginning in the early 90s.
Along with this, however, we have always sung the hope, because we think that man has a higher destiny.
Hope is a virtue and as such it must be exercised because if technological progress is a continuous process, almost obvious, not so much can be said of the moral progress that every generation, every individual, must rebuild every day, every moment.


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