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With the pseudonym of Ipiman I compose instrumental music, my most famous piece is "La nuvola di Oz".
I create "rejaxing" blues jazz music, cheerful background music, soft and listening entertainment.
If you need my music for movies, soundtracks, theater and various art, stage music, ballets, events and shows, presentations, advertising, production music or corporate videos and radio spots, please contact me and not downloaded from YouTube.


Listen to the Ipiman  YouTube playlist

Ipiman Mario Maneri


Listen to the playlist and download the music of Mario Maneri

The music you can listen to on the site is entirely produced by me and made in my home studio. To do this it takes passion, dedication, time and money.
You can download all the songs you want and you can download the entire compilation at a discounted price of 5€ on the site.

If you prefer instead I also have some albums for sale on iTunes.

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