Welcome to the website of Mario Maneri, multi-talented author and composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist one man band.

Today's music is generally very well done, the quality standard is high, the instrumentalists are always better and the singers are very prepared, but it seems to me that there is more homologation than in the past and, above all, it seems to me that there is a big lack: the lack of beautiful melodies.
There's a lot of music around that sounds good, but maybe it's made to last a little ... there's little melody!

Here you could find something different, music written over thirty years, but always with a personal touch. You can listen to Ipiman's jazz blues, Italian rock "Opeliu - Cose nuove, cose antiche", a compilation of ballads by Mario Maneri, the religious music of the San Clemente Choir or the cheerful and entertaining music of the musical Viola va.

Listen, download my music and leave me a message!


The music of Mario Maneri, complete playlist of all videos on YouTube and collaborations with Lorenzo Bojola, John Quick and Andrea Giovanni Sorge

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Opeliu e fu sera e fu mattina

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The music you can listen to on the site is entirely produced by me and made in my home studio. To do this it takes passion, dedication, time and money.
You can download all the songs you want and you can download the entire compilation at a discounted price of 5€ on the site.

If you prefer instead I also have some albums for sale on iTunes.


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